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May 15


#Sherlock S2 characters slideshow [x]

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Mar 29

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Mar 3

Feb 29

Feb 10


Four times John came to Sherlock’s rescue…

…and one time Sherlock came to his.

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Jan 17

i wonder…

how the heck will the writers of sherlock resolve that cliffhanger ending?

Jan 5

Martin Freeman’s face

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Aug 17
i can’t wait for next year! :P

i can’t wait for next year! :P

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May 23

British Writers

Watching Dr. Who and Sherlock made me realize one thing about British writers; they’re damn good.

But then again, the Brits have a strong tradition of excellent writers. They have Ben Jonson, Kit Marlowe, the Bard himself, Geoffrey Chaucer, and the anonymous author of Beowulf. Plus we have Sir Arthur Conan Doyle as well.

*whew* there…got it out of my system…back to work…